Candlewick and Satin Heirloom

Candlewick & Satin Heirloom designs are my largest collection to date. Once I started the series, each time I looked at any graphic, in my mind I started imagining this style. They are also beautiful as quilt blocks, a little more textured and less dense that the anemone series. You’ll find several products with pictures from customers who have been thoughtful and shared photos of their projects with me. I made my granddaughter a crib quilt from Candlewick & Satin 3.

You’ll find all 9 sets here and 6 of them listed as singles.  They are also supplied in multiple sizes. The style of this series makes them all compatible with each other so be daring and combine them in your projects.

There is a Candlewick & Satin Rose Block listed as a free design currently. Try it and see how you like the style.  I love them, and I continue to discern when I see any graphic whether it will work as a Candlewick & Satin design!

Candlewick & Satin Designs