Anemone 4" Blocks

Anemone Quilt Squares in 4 inch blocks are for those who have only a 4″ hoop.  For those who have smaller projects in mind, this set of designs for 4″ hoop is practical.  Anemone Quilt Squares are also a colorful way to embellish t-shirts, tote bags, or terrycloth towels.  If embroidering on toweling, be sure to use a water-soluble stabilizer on top. This prevents the stitches from falling into the terrycloth.  Hemingworth Super-solve is just such a stabilizer and available here at .  Check all our listings for Hemingworth products: 300 colors of thread, stabilizers for every need, and tools to make your sewing time efficient and enjoyable.

Icon-Anemone 4" blocks