Oriental-Sashiko Singles

Oriental-Sashiko Singles are available for instant download and are economical as you can select only the designs needed for your project. They are a favorite of mine because they have so many applications. For home dec, they can be used on pillows, linens, framed pictures or wall hangings. For clothing they can be used to embellish tops, jackets, sweaters or neckline border accents.

Since I am fond of the Asian theme, I have several Oriental-Sashiko design sets to choose from. The traditional fan idea is available in an applique set, a set in both fill embroidery and sashiko, and a sashiko only set.  The set with fill embroidery and sashiko has the tassels individually digitized so they have a 3D effect.  The sashiko only set has had the tassels removed so they are suitable for machine quilting motifs. For that reason they are offered in 4 sizes.  As usual, when you purchase a single, you receive all sizes and variations of that single.

Oriental-sashiko singles