Anemone 6" Blocks

Anemone Quilt 6″ blocks provides 6″ blocks for any of the Anemone Quilt Blocks sets, 1-7. If you know you want only one size designs for your quilt blocks, this enables you to economize. For making a queen or king sized quilt, using the 6″ quilt square is ideal for an 8″ block.  Add sashing strips and this arrangement is optimal for a larger scale quilt.  Select your machine format and the media/delivery you prefer.

Anemone Quilt Squares are also a colorful way to embellish t-shirts, tote bags, or terrycloth towels.  If embroidering on toweling, be sure to use a water-soluble stabilizer on top. This prevents the stitches from falling into the terrycloth.  Hemingworth Super-solve is just such a stabilizer and available here at .  Check all our listings for Hemingworth products: 300 colors of thread, stabilizers for every need, and tools to make your sewing time efficient and enjoyable.

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