Animal Theme Singles

Animal theme singles continues my commitment to offer single designs.  I mostly want to offer a cost effective way to inspire a project idea; also a way to test the designs of an unfamiliar digitizer.

I love animals, so naturally I would want to include some animal designs in my repertoire. Most of the animal theme designs are currently offered as singles options. The assortment varies widely from the cartoon-like Ballet Mice to the exclusive set of Elephants I digitized using color-blending to make them look more realistic.

Animal themes seem to be logical for childrens’ designs. Included in the assortment are Bears Fishing Redwork and the Wild Animals For Kids Collection.  Animals are also a good choice for home dec projects: pillows, linens, wall hangings, tea-towels.  I consider Gilded Doves and Gilded Peacocks for home dec.  The Kaleidoscopic Sea Life are such colorful linework I had in mind the lovely ocean fish and shells to embellish bathroom towels.  Don’t forget to use water-soluble topping on terrycloth to prevent stitches from sinking into the nap. Hemingworth Super-solve is a good choice and is available in the Anemone Quilt Designs and Embroidery store.