Faith Theme Singles

Faith Theme Singles enables you to select specific designs for your project. Faith Theme Designs were created for expressions of my own faith.  These are ideal for embellishing t-shirts, tote bags or jackets.  They can also be used for home dec projects like pillows,  framed pictures, etc. Consider Faith Theme Designs for ideas as thoughtful gifts for people of faith.

I have supplied some of these designs in multiple sizes for those who are limited in hoop size. For the designs with accompanying text, I have combined designs for those who don’t have customizing capabilities. I also often supply the text designs in multiple fonts. Therefore, these “singles” are provided in fill embroidery and redwork, with both fonts in a numbered grouping.

There has been an increase in the popularity of redwork, so I like to include a design in fill embroidery and also redwork when possible. For those of you who want to try embroidering greeting cards on card-stock, the redwork designs are a good way to start.  They have low stitch counts and will not heavily perforate the card stock.  See Helpful Hints for instructions for embroidering cards.

Faith Theme Designs