Holiday Theme Singles

Holiday Theme Singles include not only Christmas, but Valentine’s Day, July 4, Thanksgiving and Halloween. Many of the designs are supplied in both fill embroidery and redwork. When purchasing a single, you receive all sizes and variations of that design.

There are some applique designs in the mix. For those who want to try their hand at embroidering greeting cards, I recommend starting with a redwork design as they are lower stitch count, to avoid excess perforations of the card-stock.

The Candlewick and Satin Christmas set includes 5 greeting messages in 4 fonts plus years up to 2027 for those who want to personalize gifts.  CHRISTmas and Christmas Mola design sets also include the greeting and years designs.  If you are not familiar with machine embroidering greeting cards, visit Helpful Hints for some instructions.  To make a special valentine for a special someone, I suggest Candlewick & Satin Hearts, or Hearts and Butterflies Redwork.

Holiday Theme Singles has many options for most holidays in multiple sizes and styles, and the convenience of immediate download. Enjoy them!

Christmas Single