Flower Theme Singles

Flower Theme Singles are a collection of various styles of floral designs. They include an exclusive set of designs by artist Anne Fetzer, a daisy collection, linework roses, redwork flowers, and rose blocks.  Floral designs provide the opportunity to use the beautiful assortment of Hemingworth thread colors.

Flower theme singles are a logical choice to embellish clothing, or linens. They make a decorative wall hanging or framed pictures of flowers. The sky is the limit-with singles you can select exactly what you want, for immediate download.

As usual, I try to supply multiple sizes in my design collections.  When purchasing a single, you get all sizes and variations of that single design. The Anemone Quilt sets and also the Candlewick & Satin Quilt blocks have a floral suggestion even if they are not realistic flowers.

Anemone 4, Design 9