Kaleidoscopic Sea Life Linework & Trapunto Machine Embroidery Designs


Kaleidoscopic Sea Life linework has 10 mirrored designs which come in 4 variations (both size and style of stitching). The triple-stitch are useful for embroidering on heavier fabrics like denim. These are embroidery designs to use with an embroidery machine. Select your machine format.


Kaleidoscopic Sea Life Linework designs is a collection of 10 mirrored tropical sea life designs in several variations.  The 5×7 designs are double run.  The megahoop designs are double run and triple stitch.  The gigahoop designs are triple stitch. Triple stitch resembles a hand done back-stitch and best for heavier fabrics. View the design info sheets in the gallery to see specifics & sizes of each design.

Do you like the effect of trapunto but dread the laborious process?  You can do it easily with your embroidery machine.  These 10 kaleidoscopic sea life designs come with instructions for machine trapunto.  They are great in bright neon colors to contrast the various design elements. They are a lovely addition to summer projects. towels, t-shirts, tote-bags. Don’t forget the water-soluble stabilizer on top of toweling.

Original graphics from Clipartopolis.

***It is a violation of Copyright law to make or distribute copies of electronic designs or artwork. ©2022 All rights reserved.

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If you prefer single designs from this set, CLICK HERE Purchasing a single, you receive all 4 sizes of that design.

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Additional Info:

  • I manually digitize all my designs.
  • I have test stitched each design, edited where necessary and retested again until I see they will be trouble-free to sew.
  • Tech support is available if you have difficulty with any of my designs.
  • Copyright laws apply. You may stitch my designs on items for sale but you may not resell or share designs or design sets.
  • I supply designs by email or on CD, USB stick or floppy disk, including a Designer 1-ready disk. Note that sets with large file size can require several floppy disks.
  • Delivery method and media are priced accordingly.
  • You will receive a thread list and spec sheet for designs.
  • Please select correct format for your embroidery machine when purchasing.

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