Hemingworth Thread Set #10 Vivid Summer + BONUS DESIGNS-Sea Life




If you have not tried Hemingworth Thread or if you have tried it and you want to increase your assortment, we offer some collections for you.  This vivid collection includes 6 Hemingworth colors as shown.  Hemingworth Threadset 10 comes with a bonus design set: 10 Kaleidoscopic Sea Life designs for 5×7 hoop.  They are useful to embellish clothing, tote bags, swimsuit coverups or towels.  Don’t forget the water soluble topping on top of toweling when embroidering towels.  The bonus set of designs will not be on a multi-format CD, so select the correct format for your embroidery machine.
Original graphics are from Clipartopolis.

***It is a violation of Copyright law to make or distribute copies of electronic designs or artwork.  ©2020 All rights reserved.

A word about Hemingworth embroidery thread……
In the past 25 years, I have used every embroidery thread on the market, and this thread is different. It had my attention the first time I used it.  Once I realized how the protective dome functions I became a distributor. Leaving the plastic dome on the thread as you sew protects it from dust, oils from your hand, and fading from ultraviolet light.  Just remove the stopper to feed the thread to your machine, vertically or horizontally. You’ve tried the rest, now try the best!

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Watch the instructional video from Hemingworth

Some Features of Hemingworth Polyselect Thread:

  • Protective cap preserves thread quality because it blocks dust, oil from hands, and other harmful elements like sunlight.
  • Removable stopper traps thread and prevents raveling and tangling during storage.
  • Protective cap delivers thread smoothly off the spool during embroidery so decreases both snagging and thread breaks.
  • Strong, vibrant, colorfast polyester embroidery thread is available in a large variety of colors.
  • Position spool horizontally or vertically with a smooth feed every time.
  • Spools are 40 wt and 1000 M ($5.95 ea); metallics are 700 M ($8.50 ea).
  • Check the Hemingworth site to import their thread colors into your embroidery software.

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Weight 18 oz


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