Redwork-Trapunto-Quilting Designs

Redwork-trapunto-quilting offers a wide variety of designs which are double run or triple stitch.  The Aztec Suns include a set with stippling. The Celtic Frames include Celtic lettering in 4 sizes. With Gilded Peacocks you have the option of substituting hot-fix crystals in place of the candlewick dots. Most of these sets have areas of dense and also sparse stitching so they can be used for machine trapunto.

These Redwork-trapunto-quilting designs are all offered in 3 or 4 sizes. This accommodates those with hoop limitations or who desire varied project needs. The designs supplied in triple stitch are not practical for quilting, but they are intended for use with heavier fabrics like denim or upholstery weight.

I do love Celtic style so have digitized a set of Celtic frames with lettering and also a large set of Celtic Quilt Circles. The twists and turns of Celtic style please me and the effect the thread produces when stitched out is stunning.