1124 SOFT BEIGE Hemingworth Machine Embroidery Thread


1124 Soft Beige Hemingworth Machine Embroidery Thread is a colorfast, polyester 1000 meter spool. It is part of the Beige Color Family. For maximum savings, join the Anemone Thread Club to receive bonus spools and discounts on shipping.

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1124 Soft Beige Heminworth Embroidery Thread

1124 Soft Beige Hemingworth machine embroidery thread is a medium neutral beige color for your embroidery projects.  The beige color family will assist you in selecting just the right shade you need.

A word about Hemingworth embroidery thread……
In the past 25 years, I have used every embroidery thread on the market, and this thread is different.  It had my attention the first time I used it. No more tangling, thread breaks, or puddling off the spool. No more thread nets!

Once I realized how the protective dome functions, I became a distributor. This unique thread is not only superior in performance, but the protective dome is the only one like it in the marketplace.  Hemingworth machine embroidery thread solves all the problems we have all dealt with.  You’ve tried the rest, now try the best!

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Click here to view the Hemingworth beige color family:  CLICK HERE


Watch the instructional video from Hemingworth. WATCH

Unique features of Hemingworth machine embroidery thread:

  • Protective cap preserves thread quality by blocking dust, oil from your hands, and other harmful elements like sunlight.
  • Removable stopper traps thread and prevents unraveling and tangling during storage.
  • Protective cap delivers thread smoothly off the spool during embroidery and decreases both snagging and thread breaks.
  • Strong, vibrant, colorfast polyester embroidery thread is available in 300 colors-see link above.
  • Spool can be positioned horizontally or vertically with a smooth feed every time.
  • Spools are 40 wt and 100 M($5.95 ea), except for metallics which are 700M ($8.50 ea).

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