Anemone Quilt Square Designs

When I first got the idea of organizing my digitized designs to offer on online auction, I began to formulate categories in my mind.

I really like quilting and wanted to offer creative designs to coordinate with the large variety of quilting fabrics available.  The first projects are found in Anemone Quilt Squares 1. There are 4 designs with a center and streams of stitching coming out from the center. They reminded me of sea anemones.  I was searching for name for my design business.

Upon checking my dictionary,  I found that anemones were not only sea creatures, but also the name of a flower. I knew that floral blocks would be included in my collection, because I love flowers. So, the name Anemone Quilt Designs and Embroidery was born.

My initial project idea for Anemone Quilt Squares took a few years to develop; it ended up with 7 sets of designs, each a little different but compatible to use in a quilt.

Each set has 9 designs (I seem to fixate on 9 patch arrangements.)  And I wanted to offer each design in 4 sizes to accommodate hoop sizes of various customers’ machines.  That also seemed logical for the range of quilt top sizes needed.  I now offer the 7 set collection at a bargain price, to include a gift with purchase-spool of Hemingworth Thread.

Anemone Quilt Designs