Machine Embroidering Greeting Cards

Greeting card-embroidered

I keep adding machine embroidering greeting cards info to every set of my holiday designs, so decided I should place it on my blog also. Read on. DID YOU KNOW YOU CAN STITCH HOLIDAY DESIGNS ON CARD STOCK TO CREATE GREETING CARDS? Try this: 1. Decide  the size you want the card to be. If 5×7…

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Safely Saving and Storing Designs

saving computer files safely-a portion of my directory

Saving computer files safely may sound simple, but many of us have learned the hard way why it’s very important. You can benefit from our mistakes; read on. When you purchase designs or a design set, you need to save them to your computer or a usb stick so they will be there for you…

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The Case For Single Designs

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Offering cost-effective single designs occurred to me recently. When first bitten by the machine embroidery bug (1993?), I was excited to purchase sets of designs from my machine dealer. Except not too excited, because the sets cost ~ $100, sometimes $125. There were often just a few designs in the set I really liked. My…

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