Machine Embroidering Greeting Cards

I keep adding machine embroidering greeting cards info to every set of my holiday designs, so decided I should place it on my blog also. Read on.


1. Decide  the size you want the card to be. If 5×7 you need a 10×7 piece of cardstock.

2. Fold the long side vertically so you then have a 5×7 square (doubled over).

3. The front of the card should be to the right of the vertical fold. This leaves the inside (with the fold then to the left), to write a personal message. Be sure to unbend the fold as you stitch the design on the intended front of the card.

4. This may take some practice. You’ll need to slow your machine speed down.  I would try first with low stitch count designs.  You should try using a magnetic hoop to avoid bending the edges of the cardstock with a regular hoop, or roughing up the surface with adhesive products.

5. To cover the back of the embroidery on the inside front of the card, adhere a fusible cutaway stabilizer cut the needed size to obscure the back of the stitching.

6. I have such a huge collection of dulled embroidery needles; this is a great way to use them up.

7. Sending a home-made card to a special recipient will be appreciated and this embroidered card can be framed by them to display with Christmas decor on subsequent holidays.

8. OESD has this idea too and they offer 10-packs of the embroiderable cards (with envelopes to fit) in 2 sizes:

In summary, it seems greeting cards are ever increasing in cost. Also it’s sometimes hard to find just the sentiment you want to express.

This may be a way to solve those issues. View holiday designs here at and see if any Christmas, Valentine, or Thanksgiving designs give you an idea for stitching a unique card for a special loved one:

Some ideas are in the slideshow below. Please submit a picture of your completed card. The best submission will get a free spool of Hemingworth thread!