The Case For Single Designs

Offering cost-effective single designs occurred to me recently. When first bitten by the machine embroidery bug (1993?), I was excited to purchase sets of designs from my machine dealer. Except not too excited, because the sets cost ~ $100, sometimes $125. There were often just a few designs in the set I really liked.

My first embroidery machine was a Husqvarnaviking, which I have upgraded multiple times. One person who influenced me greatly early on was Sue Hausmann. She was a VP at Viking and still is inspiring fans all over the world:

When I saw the Bernina stitch regulator advertised on TV, I had to go check it out. The Bernina dealer also showed me their newest revision of software, and I was hooked. I took digitizing lessons at that Bernina dealer to learn techniques. Since that time I really began to enjoy creating my own designs. However, my favorite go-to machine is still my Viking Diamond for embroidery and quilting.

My first digitizing efforts I sold only on ebay-but the ever increasing fee structure there is discouraging for small sellers. It is also very discouraging to see pirates cavalierly making big money there. They are selling designs they have stolen from honest digitizers like me- and even from large embroidery houses.

I only sold on ebay for several years. Then I added a website which I used with Front Page (a real dinosaur). Finally I drifted over here to Go Daddy. They built this website for me, which I really enjoy working on:

Remembering the early days when I strained my budget buying designs, I think of ways to accommodate buyers. One way is working to offer my design sets as singles for my customers to purchase for immediate download. It does take time to process the designs, organize the singles files and zip to be available for download. But I am determined to complete the job.

As usual, to accommodate sewists limited by various hoop sizes, I offer my designs in multiple sizes. Not only is it cost effective for the buyer, offering singles designs is a great way for you to try out designs from a digitizer who is new to you. I also keep a free design of the week up for shoppers to try. Enjoy!!