Sunbonnets At The Beach Redwork-Singles-EMAIL DELIVERY



Beach Sunbonnet Redwork singles: For each single purchase you will receive all 4 sizes of the design: 100, 125, 150, and 180 mm.

These are redwork continuous line stitching, have few or no trims, and stitch up quickly.  Since they are continuous line stitching, they are useful for machine quilting motifs.  If you like the effect of trapunto but dread the laborious process, there is an easy way to do it with your embroidery machine. The designs come with instructions for getting the trapunto effect. For design information on each of these single designs, look in the gallery to view the Design Info Sheets.

Look below to see an example of a quilt using my Sunbonnet Redwork designs-made by Jan in Kentucky.

She uses the Betty Cotton Method to make quilts reversible. She inspires me!

View Jan’s quilt using Sunbonnets & Butterflies Redwork-click here: Sunbonnets & Butterflies in Jan’s Reversible Quilt

You quilt before assembling blocks with the Betty Cotton Method-click here: Betty Cotton Method for Reversible Quilts

If you decide you want the entire Beach Sunbonnets set, it is here: Beach Sunbonnets Redwork-10 Designs in 4 Sizes

Get this whole set in 4×4 size as a bonus with Hemingworth Threadset #37 here: Beach Sunbonnets RW as Bonus with Threadset #37

***It is a violation of Copyright law to make or distribute copies of electronic designs or artwork.  ©2021 All rights reserved.

Please read:

  • I manually digitize my designs.
  • I have test stitched each design, edited where necessary, and retested again until I see they will be trouble-free to sew.
  • Tech support is available if you have difficulty with any of my designs.
  • All copyright laws apply. You may stitch my designs on items for sale, but single designs or design sets may not be resold or shared by buyer.
  • You will receive a thread order list for designs with more than one color.
  • Please select correct format for your embroidery machine when purchasing.