About Anemone-Embroidery

Hi- I'm glad you found Anemone-Embroidery. We offer many kinds of designs for your creative endeavers, whether embroidered quilt squares, embellishing clothing articles, tote bags, or household items such as towels, wall-hangings, or embroidered pictures for framing.

We also offer Hemingworth Machine Embroidery Thread, stabilizers, and tools to enhance your embroidery experience. Having used every other thread on the market-I found that most did not work well with all 3 brands of my embroidery machines. As a digitizer, Hemingworth sent me a spool to try-and I was hooked the first time I used it. No more thread breaks, no more threadnets to prevent puddling and snagging. The ingenious dome on Hemingworth prevents those mishaps, as well as protecting the thread from UV light, dust, and oil from your hands when handling it. Just pop the stopper off, leave the dome on, and it feeds vertically or horizontally to your machine. In each thread listing is a link to view the instructional video from Hemingworth. If you've never used the thread, please watch the short video there (or here)
Watch the instructional video from Hemingworth.

If you are purchasing 9 or more spools of thread, be sure to select the option for free shipping when checking out. Also, for each spool of thread you can select a free design to be emailed to you, as a gift with purchase. Just include a note with your payment to let me know which design(s) you'd like, as well as your machine format.

Thanks for stopping by Anemone-Embroidery.  Happy Sewing!