Hemingworth Tearaway Embroidery Stabilizer- Small Roll, 12" x 11 yards


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  Hemingworth Embroidery Accessories
    TearAway Roll
12" x 11 yards

  • Ideal for low to medium stitch count designs
  • Excellent quality, only one layer needed
  • Use with non-stretch, stable fabrics
  • Easily tears in both directions
  • Guaranteed continuous roll
  • Available in 50 sheet packs also, 8" x 8", in tablet form.

    My own testimonial about stabilizer: I purchased a huge roll of
    inexpensive tearaway and thought I would be set for life with stabilizer.
    I soon discovered that little shards of the stabilizer were coating the
    undercarriage and bobbin case of my embroidery machine, affecting
    stitch quality and requiring constant cleaning.  You will not have this
    problem with Hemingworth stabilizers, and we pay way too much
    for our embroidery machines to risk damaging them in this way!

a word about Hemingworth Embroidery Thread

In the past 18 years, I have used virtually every embroidery thread on the market, and this thread is different. As a digitizer, Hemingworth sent me a sample spool to try. I was doing some test stitching and needed that color, so I gave it a try. Hemingworth thread had my attention from the first time I used it! No more fighting with thread nets, no more spools unraveling and tangling. It is enough that I experienced very rare breakage, but once I realized how functional the protective packaging is, I ordered the large 3 drawer caddy. I simply love this thread and will never buy another brand. You can get cheaper thread, but you can't get better embroidery thread. The colors are luscious and the wide selection guarantees unlimited dimension in your embroidery.  I have learned with my Anemone quilting designs that changing the colors and background fabric gives infinite possibilities for any given embroidery design. I am hooked on Hemingworth! I also have pre-loaded bobbins, stabilizer, assorted embroidery tools and other items like the exciting thread caddies available, to make your sewing time hassle free and enjoyable.
You've tried the rest--now TRY THE BEST!

 View the 300 colors available: 

Some features of Hemingworth Polyselect thread:

1. Protective cap preserves thread quality by blocking dust, oil and other harmful elements.

2. Removable stopper traps thread, preventing unraveling and tangling during storage.

3. Protective cap delivers thread smoothly off the spool during embroidery --decreasing both snagging and thread breaks.

4. Strong, vibrant, colorfast polyester embroidery thread is available in a large variety of colors.

5. Spool can be positioned horizontally or vertically with a smooth feed every time.

6. Spools are 40 wt and 1000 M ($5.95 ea), except for metallics which are 700 M ($8.50 ea).

7. Check the Hemingworth site to import their thread colors into your embroidery software.