Floral Embroidery Collection-Embroidery & Redwork-7 sets-247 Designs- + THREAD


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Floral Collection-7 Sets, 247 Designs

Your gift-with-purchase with this large collection is a free spool of Hemingworth Embroidery Thread. This collection is all floral theme designs, as follows:

The Daisy Collection has 36 designs total for 4x4 hoop to Gigahoop (200 x 200 mm) in both fill embroidery and redwork. The redwork are done in all one color, with continuous stitching and no trims. That makes them good machine quilting motifs.

Fetzer Seed Packs is from an exclusive set of graphics from artist Anne Fetzer. Each flower is presented in 5 ways. The flowers are isolated in embroidery and redwork form for 4x4 hoop. The seed packs are presented in 3 forms: fill embroidery and also one set with lacework background, which adds even more texture, both for 5x7 hoop.  The redwork seed packs are sized for the mega-hoop (150 mm). Total designs in this set=25.

In the Garden contains 11 designs of hoppy gardening for the 4x4 hoop in both fill embroidery and redwork (22 designs total). The redwork is digitized with no trims except for any design elements which stand alone-like facial features.

Heirloom Flowers contains both the regular emboidery and redwork designs. 3 medallions have lacework background. Each medallion and border design is included in 2 sizes (4x4 and 5x7) for total designs of 42.

Floral Redwork Blocks has 10 designs in 4 sizes (4x4, 5x7, mega and giga hoop (200 x 200mm), with instructions for getting the trapunto effect-for total of 40 designs. These are also elegant when stitched tone-on-tone.

Boullion Roses Lineart Designs has 5 borders and 5 corners in 3 sizes and 2 styles of stitching (double run and backstitch). These line designs have 2 or 3 colors and stitch up very quickly. The lightweight stitching is good for lingerie, a silky blouse, or baby clothes, and the heavier larger ones work nicely on linens for the table or sheet & pillowcase embellishment. They also work well for machine trapunto. Total designs in this set=56.

Lily Collection has an assortment of sizes: 4x4, 5x7 and megahoop. Several of the flowers have color blending on the petals, allowing for maximum creativity. The designs are also supplied in redwork-total 26.

Please read:

  • My designs are manually digitized with as few jumps as possible.
  • Each design has been test stitched, edited where necessary, and retested again until I see they will be trouble-free to sew.
  • Tech support is available if you have difficulty with any of my designs.
  • All copyright laws apply. You may stitch my designs on items for sale, but designs or design sets may not be resold or shared by buyer, alone or in combination.
  • I can supply this large collection on a CD or USB stick, or by email.
  • You will receive a thread order list for designs with more than one color.
  • Please select correct format for your embroidery machine when purchasing.

To see an example of a quilt using my Anemone designs: CLICK HERE

***It is a violation of Copyright law to make or distribute copies of electronic designs or artwork. Electronic designs are licensed to the original purchaser for use at one location.
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