Candlewick & Satin Elegance Heirloom Machine Embroidery Designs-80 Designs


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 These designs are compatible with the Candlewick & Satin Series. They are shown in 2 soft tones so you more readily see the detail of the stitching, but they are lovely done tone-on-tone or in whitework; the various stitches provide texture even when monochromatic.  One customer purchased them to stitch on her daughter's wedding dress; they are also appropriate for lingerie, Christening gowns, linens, or embellishment on clothing for a unique, heirloom effect. They are less dense than the heirloom quilt blocks.

There are 10 basic designs shown in the main panel; from those, I developed a border, a megaborder, and a frame or medallion arrangement.  There is a separate panel for each design collection to see the various forms of the basic design. *The designs labeled A and B at the bottom of each panel are formed by placing the 4 corner designs as arranged-which may require rehooping though you can customize each A or B design into 2 halves. The A and B arrangements would have a beautiful effect as the center panel of an heirloom quilt, or the center of a tablecloth or table topper.

The corner designs are supplied in 3 sizes: 4x4, 5x7, and megahoop, providing much flexibility with size for the A and B arrangements. With this set you will receive a border and megaborder for each design, the corner in 3 sizes, and the frame or medallion in 3 sizes (5x7, megahoop, and gigahoop). The set contains 8 variations of each design, or 80 designs. PLEASE NOTE: Only the small corner will fit the 4x4 hoop, all the other designs require the 5x7, megahoop, or gigahoop (200x200).          Original graphics are from Clipartopolis.

Please read:

  • My designs are manually digitized with as few jumps as possible.
  • Each design has been test stitched, edited where necessary, and retested again until I see they will be troublefree to sew.
  • Tech support is available if you have difficulty with any of my designs.
  • All copyright laws apply. You may stitch my designs on items for sale, but designs or design sets may not be resold or shared by buyer, alone or in combination.
  • I can supply designs on a CD, USB stick or floppy disk, including a Designer 1-ready disk-or by email. Delivery method and media are priced accordingly. Please note that designs with large files can take several floppy disks for the set.
  • You will receive a thread order list for designs with more than one color.
  • Please select correct format for your embroidery machine when purchasing.

To see an example of a quilt using my Anemone designs: CLICK HERE

***It is a violation of Copyright law to make or distribute copies of electronic designs or artwork. Electronic designs are licensed to the original purchaser for use at one location.
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